Wire players' courses

Ardival Harps has held annual courses specifically for wire-strung players for many years now.  We long outgrew hosting the courses in Orchard House, and have held them in various locations around the area - the Old Brewery in Cromarty, the Brahan Estate, and at Moniack Mhor writers' retreat near Loch Ness.  The course welcomes all players at all levels (except total beginner) and all sizes of wire-strung harps.  The course begins with an evening meal before the first teaching day.  As a residential course, students are comfortably able to move from classroom learning to dining to socialising. 


Bill Taylor teaches ancient and traditional tunes from Scotland and Ireland, with an emphasis on appropriate decoration and accompaniment.  He uses various teaching methods -- sometimes with printed music, sometimes without.  He always hands out printed music during the course, and provides audio files of tunes taught to all the students after the course finishes.  Alex and Zan Dunn are our cooks, and students always appreciate their culinary skills and their good cheer.

The classes finish at 3.00 pm each day.  Following that are opportunities for students to walk in the countryside or to otherwise explore the area.  Evenings are often given to informal sessions, playing games and to enjoying invited musicians and storytellers.   

  Link for details of 2020 course 

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